Score Card

Here’s how cocktails will be judged and each category will be given equal weight:


Judges will taste cocktails blind; not even knowing what ingredients are in the cocktail, or who made the cocktail. The score will reflect flavor balance and quaffability.  Judges will be asked:

    • Are sour, acid, bitter and base balanced?
    • What is the texture of the cocktail on the palate, is it too light, too heavy or tacky?
    • Does the cocktail have aroma, does the aroma enhance the flavor?
    • Is this cocktail representative of its family, does it achieve the rules of the competition?
    • Is the cocktail made to finish or would it be tedious to finish?

Award up to 10 points____


After the judges score taste, the recipe and process will be revealed to them. A score will be assigned factoring creativity, practical application and the wow factor.  Menu and customer appeal.

    • Is this what you expected out of these ingredients, are you surprised for the better?
    • Does the cocktail integrate all of its ingredient harmoniously or is it a hodgepodge that tastes like A+B=AB?
    • Do the ingredients chosen enhance or fight each other?
    • Does this cocktail offer you something unexpected?
    • Is this a cocktail that could become a classic?

Award up to 10 points____

Bartending A.K.A. Performance & Appearance

-The contestant will make 1 cocktail for each of the 3 judges (3 cocktails total) in less than 5 minutes.  At which time they will judged of their ability to make the cocktail, “an experience.”  Points will be scored on not going over time, the cocktail’s appearance (visual, garnish, proper technique) and the bartender’s ability to give meaning to the cocktail’s name, ingredients or inspiration.

    • Is the cocktail made in time? Award up 3 points if time is kept___


    • How does the cocktail appeal to the senses ?
    • Is the cocktail consistent to what you tasted earlier?
    • How did the bartender make the ordering & receiving this cocktail an experience? Award up to 7 points___

Add all 3 categories to get a total______

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