December 24th: Submissions due for: Brown, Bitter & Stirred

January 7th: Brown, Bitter & Stirred, you can see through it, it’s bitter, it’s stirred

January 28st: Submissions due for: Vermouth!

February 11th: Vermouth! at least 50% of the cocktail by volume is fortified wine

February 22th: Submissions due for: Anise?

March 4th: Anise?, green month, green fairy, any cocktail style

March18th: Submissions due for: Put a bird on it!

April 1st: Put a bird on it! cocktails with an egg or egg parts

April 22nd: Submissions due for HULK SMASH!

May 6th: HULK SMASH! Juleps & Smashes on crushed ice w/ herbs & anything else

May 20th: Submissions due for: Agave.

June 3rd: Agave. cocktails highlighting (not hiding) the flavor of agave

June 17th: Submissions due for: ‘Merican Sour

July 1st: ‘Merican Sour,  a modern take on an American whiskey sour

July 22nd: Submissions due for: Farmer’s Market

August 5th: Farmer’s Market, must feature Washington base spirits and Washington market fresh produce

August 26th: Submissions due for: Cane-Tiki

September 9th*: Cane-Tiki, celebrating cane spirit’s mixability & dumb tacky mugs

September 23rd: Submissions due for: Infusions & Molecular Mixology

October 7th: Infusions & Molecular Mixology, the summer’s harvest, infused or twisted by science into any cocktail

October 21st: Submissions due for: Scotchy, Scotch Scotch

November 4th: Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch, any cocktail you like, so long as it’s scotch based

November 18th: Submissions due for: Punch Party!

December 3rd: Punch Party! ladles & bowls

*Labor day (Sep 2nd) is for grilling, come back on the 9th

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