Cocktail Submission Instructions:

Submissions will ONLY be accepted via email to abohrer at vinumimporting dot com with the competition’s title in the subject line (i.e. Anise? for March).

-Entries will be accepted up to 7 calendar days prior to the competition.

-Please include very specific instructions on how to make your cocktail because…

-Andrew Bohrer will prepare each month’s top 12 cocktails for the Vinum sales staff who will blind taste and choose 6 cocktails for each competition.

-Contestants will be notified  7 calendar days before the event if they are to compete

-Upon submitting your cocktails, you agree that Vinum Importing can republish your cocktail for promotional purposes (after assigning you credit, of course).

Permanent Rules:

Each competition will have slightly different rules that will be published each month, but these are the rules that go on the stone tablets:

-All alcoholic ingredients (including bitters, fortified wines, liqueurs) must be from the Vinum Importing’s spirits portfolio and available in Washington State.

-No ingredients can cost more than $60 wholesale per 750ml.

-No custom ingredients are allowed*: no infusions, no molecular mixology, no custom syrups or bitters.

-All alcoholic ingredients used in competition will be provided by Vinum Importing.

-Cocktails do not need to be originals.  Feel free to submit classics or modern classics if you think you’ve hit upon the perfect combination.  However, you MUST cite your cocktail’s progenitor or creator.

-Our gracious host, Vessel, stocks soda, tonic, lemon, lime and whatnot, but probably doesn’t have your fancy star fruit, coconut water or unicorn tears: if it’s important, bring it yourself.

-Contestants must be employed as a bartender in Washington State, must be over 21 years of age with a valid liquor server’s permit, and cannot be employed by Vinum Importing.

-The judges’ scores are final, which means no crying, yelling or bribing is allowed.

-In the event of a tie, the cocktail with the fewest ingredients wins, and if the tied cocktails have the same amount of ingredients, the most clever name wins as decided by Andrew Bohrer

-Contestants may enter to compete as often as they like but are only allowed 2, 1st place victories before the bartender must “retire” for the year.

-Vinum Importing reserves the right to change these rules if needed, but we’ll let you know first.

*tune back in October when this rule goes out the window


Cocktails are to feature an anise forward spirit, herein defined as:

-Contain at least one ANISE FLAVORED SPIRIT (listed here)

 -Any cocktail family but must have at least

-.25 oz of anise spirit in a stirred cocktail

-.75 oz of anise in a shaken sour

– 1 whole oz in a highball, julip or exotic


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