Why Vinum?

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We explore & find new things

Why would this contest be put on using only Vinum Importing’s portfolio (found here)? Because we have everything.  We have created a portfolio so complete that you could run a bar using it alone.  For example, take good ‘ol underrated rum.  You can call us pretentious (we’re used to it), but we put rum in a category called “Cane Spirits” because rum is too limited.  It’s not that we have more rum than the next distributor; it’s that we’ve cultivated a list that spans continents and styles.  For example:

    • Smith & Cross’ funky Jamaican pot still style
    • Scarlet Ibis of Trinidad with smoky spice notes
    • Batavia Arak van Oosten, a rice a cane spirit from Indonesia
    • Lemonhart, one of the last demerara rums
    • Novo Fogo cachaça which bottles the rainforest’s flavors
    • Rhum Neisson & Coeur de cane, both agricole rhums but aged completely differently
    • St Teresa, dry solera rums from Venezuela
    • And St Teresa’s estate grown coffee and orange liqueurs

And this is just one category to explore.  We have almost every base spirit from vodka to scotch equally well represented.  We carry a full line of liqueurs from the delicate Pür elderflower to the warhorse Rossbacher.  Because we don’t always want to drink straight spirits, we also carry Bundaberg estate grown and family owned ginger beer, handmade exotic tiki syrups from BG Reynolds and an army of fortified wines.  We are committed to giving you value and quality throughout everything we sell.  And we’ll explain it to you, at great length, if you let us.  But if you prefer to find out for yourself, please peruse our portfolio, and I’m sure you’ll find a bottle you need.


Andrew Bohrer

Spirits Director at Vinum Importing

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