Vinum Importing’s Cocktail Competition(s)

sloe cocktailLet it be known and sung throughout the internets that Vinum Importing is holding a cocktail competition on the 1st Monday of every month at Vessel in downtown Seattle. Monthly listings can be found at Vinum Importing’s Cocktail Competition website. And we’ll begin on Jan 7th with the eponymous competition: Brown, Bitter & Stirred.  Check the schedule for a new competition every month.

Cocktails must be submitted to abohrer at vinumimporting dot com at least 14 calendar days before each competition is scheduled.

These events will be cocktail, mixology & bartending competitions (these are 3 different things?!?).  The Vinum Cocktail Competition is a phoenix that rises from the ashes of other crooked competitions; it will be different; and this is how:

While other cocktail competitions are boring, random and garnished with mystery, Vinum Importing’s take on cocktail competitions will be transparent, planned (we even have a mission statement) and will never end in tears.  As for transparency, every alcoholic ingredient used must be from Vinum Importing’s extensive Washington liquor portfolio; because hey, it’s our agenda.  Each competition will have it’s own theme with specific rules* and score card; to ensure like cocktails will be judged against each other.

Basically, we’ll judge cocktails on 3 qualifications:

Cocktail –ability: On blind taste alone**, is this a good drink? Is it balanced? Is it representative of its style? Would you finish it?

Mixology –ism: Having learned what you just drank, are you amazed?  Did you think those flavors would work? Did Mister or Miss Mixologist bend your brain?  Perhaps a new classic just created; could it be replicated?

Bartender –ing: Can the bartender make that cocktail again and do so while telling a joke, answering a question about it or explaining how to pronounce the ingredients?  Can the bartender create an experience? Could the bartender explain renaissance poetry or a dirty limerick whilst shaking, or otherwise charm the pants off the judges with product knowledge or history?

RSVP-ing spectators over 21 years of age will be offered sample size cocktails from each competing bartender during the festivities.

Each first Monday of the month, 6 of Washington’s best bartenders will face off for fortune and glory.  More specifically, for money and prizes: 100 Washingtons or 20 Lincolns or 10 Hamiltons or 2 Grants or 1 Uncle Ben***. All runner ups will receive an amazing TBA.

Hope you’ll enter Thunderdome with us, Cheers!

* See link for rules, subject to addendum per each new competition

** Judges will taste test cocktails knowing neither which bartender created them nor what the ingredients are

***Vinum Importing will have nothing to do with Andrew Jackson.



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