Mission Statement

negroni on the rocks

  • Washington bartenders are world class, and we can prove it.

That is the true purpose of Vinum Importing’s Cocktail Competition.  Vinum Importing believes in the creative ability of Washington’s mixology culture.  And furthermore believes that Washington has one of the greatest food & beverage stages in America.  Unfortunately, because Washington suffers terribly from being neither New York nor San Francisco, our state’s skill and relevance goes largely unknown. This can change.

  • This competition promotes 3 things: our portfolio, our community and our definition of a good cocktail.

Vinum Importing’s Cocktail Competition is about promoting our portfolio of world-class spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines.  Vinum plans on doing so by inviting mixologists to use these spirits to create new cocktails.  We believe cocktails should be judged in these 3 ways: taste, creativity, and making an experience for the guest.  Vinum’s agenda isn’t juggling bottles, being the next spokesperson for us or rewarding our best customers.We want to highlight the best bartenders and cocktails in Washington.

  • Competition brings our community together.

And let us assume the competition makes us better.  Vinum Importing wants bartenders to gather around the same bar, meet, compete and exchange ideas.  We have an amazing community of bartenders in Seattle that is anxious to expand north, south and across the mountains.

2 Responses to “Mission Statement”

  1. Jeffrey Howard March 18, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    How do I submit one of my cocktails?

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